This is my second sprayer set after my first one from a different vendor sprung a leak. The material seems of high quality (at least better than the first one I got). The internal reinforced tubing makes me feel a tad better about my purchase since that’s where my previous unit spring the leak from.

The Easy & Efficient Way to Get Fresh After Using The Bathroom

The hand bidet provides a refreshing and cleansing wash or convenient diaper spray right in the palm of your hand.

Stainless Steel Hand Bidet Kit



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The elegant and ergonomic hand bidet sprayer is simple to use and offers several mounting options for easy installation in any bathroom.

The stainless steel T-valve offers full pressure and spray type adjustability and complete water shutoff for safety.

The extra-long flexible braided hose makes the this handheld bidet one of the most reliable bidet sprayers on the market.

Buy the hand-held bidet (diaper sprayer / shattaf) for every bathroom enabling the entire family to benefit from a fresh clean bathroom experience.

What Does Each Hand Bidet Sprayer Kit Contain? – click here

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No matter how you spell it, we want you to know you’ve found the premier stainless steel hand bidet toilet kit here


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